#392, Veerena Halli, Opp. Cipla Main Factory, Old Madras Road, Avalahalli, Bangalore 560049

Our Capabilities

Design and Manufacturing:

We have designed and produced a variety of custom cutting tools that are used to manufacture many different products across a wide variety of industries. These products range from hydraulic components, automotive and industrial equipment and accessories, to medical and defence components that you may use on a day to day basis.

We offer complete design and production of custom form tools to meet your needs. Here we collect data from your end in the form of deawing, the type of material the tool will be machining and other limitations that may be in place, such as holder and fixtures and a hand sketch/print of the tool if it is under use.

Then we design the tool, offer the final sketch for approval, before finalizing the order. The approval sketch is converted as tool, inspected & shipped to your facility to begin the cost saving.


Along with creating custom tooling, we do is also Re-sharpening of Carbide cutting tools. We welcome re-sharpening of the carbide tools, be it our own or of others. Our Re-sharpening service uses the original production program to ensure the highest profile accuracy.


Coating is a surface technology that significantly improves the performance and durability of cutting tools. The selection of the right coating is becoming an ever more decisive factor. We are associated with the best known coating suppliers in the market that ensure our cutting tools perform the extra mile.